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My country... my life... my love and fear...

Friday, September 11, 2015

8:58PM - Amazon Part 2

Ecuador Part 2: The Revenge!
Sept 6 Sunday
Today's fun plan would involve a whhhhhhole lot of traveling to get to our family house location. We were told the bus ride itself could take anywhere from four to seven hours depending on the driver we got and traffic naturally.
We left our hotel at 10am, leaving behind our larger luggage. No need to bring everything when we had day bags right?
The bus terminal was absolutely stunning. It was an old airport terminal that got converted to a bus station. It looked great, and the place was massive. Apparently you could get to just about anywhere in Ecuador by bus, and it was really cheap. Our trip for example was something like $5 a person. Kind of insane.
We didn't need to wait long for our bus. It was hard to look forward to the long ride ahead of us. Carlos (our guide) had told us all the many ways you could get stolen from while on the bus. No putting bags in the top section, and you needed to keep your bag on your lap lest someone cut it open without you noticing.
Encouraging right? I was expecting a run down bus, but was surprised when it looked pretty modern. The bad part? No air conditioning. Hurrah for human sweat pile time.
One thing that happens frequently on the bus, is vendors will jump on at one stop, then come down the aisle hassaling you to buy some food or sunglasses. For the most part, they at least took no well, so there's a plus I suppose?
In general, personal space is not something that seems to exist here. With the buses being so cheap, many people tend to ride it. As such, all the seats, then standing in the aisle happened really quickly. Some people tried not to lean on you too much, others literally sat on my shoulder then farted in my face. Good times.
Alas we did not have a fast driver, and there were many stops. There was no, "stopping for lunch" as that would be silly. We ate a few pepperoni sticks and some gronala bars to not get too hungry, but we didn't dare eat too much and need to go to the washroom. Even though there was technically a washroom on the bus, it was only for females, and you could only pee.
Other then that, yeah, not much to say. The bus ride was not fun. I couldn't read as that was making me queasy, and it took us seven hours to get there.
By the end, we were understandably excited to move around. Shan had put on a seat belt on the bus, and soon found out that that it would not unlock. Thankfully, she's flexible, and with leaning the seat back all the way was able to wiggle out. After that fun, we had time for a washroom break, then it was to be another hour long drive. I'll bet you can understand we were not super thrilled about that. With the washrooms, you had to pay to use them. More if you needed toilet paper. One of the biggest things to look for was to make sure there weren't and Bullet Ants crawling around to chomp on you. We learned later that Bullet Ant bites were kind of nasty, and gave most people a heavy fever for a few hours.
After our drive to the house, we had the chance to check out the look out points first. There were two lookouts, and they had some fantastic views. I was a bit worried when there were some in the group far less agile then me (as you all know how graceful I am). It was a good chance to actually chat with some, as I could offer out an arm for support.
The house itself far exceeded my expectations. There were many buildings, two guard dogs, and quite a lot of roosters and hens. The area was large, they had a fridge that was stocked up with beer you could purchase, and the family living there was very friendly.
After getting our room assignments and unpacking some things, it was dinner time. The portions were very generous, and it was hard to not lick the plate when I was done, given how good the food was, and how hungry I was.
Shan and I headed back to bed after briefly chatting with people. Even through we weren't active, all the travel had pooped us out. We watched some Penny Dreadful, then crashed pretty hard. The mosquito net was not as bad to sleep with as I feared.
Sept 7 Monday
The Roosters woke us up nice and early, about 5:30am or so. Shan was already up, and my earplugs were not helping keep up the noise of excited critters. They sure we're cute though.
Today was labeled workout day, as there were some plants to learn about, then some waterfalls to check out. This was pretty exciting, and we got to known some of the others from our group.
After breakfast, we had our guided tour, talking about the local plant life. We were given rubber boots to wear, as there would be a whole lot of tricky spits, and a whole lot of wet spots.
The tour was very informative. We were shown some plants that were good for medicinal purposes, and others that you could weave into rope or other useful tools. When we reached a small stream, we were shown how you could pan for gold. It was very hard to actually find any. Seems you really want to look for black dirt.
Near the end, we were asked which way was home, sadly many of us failed. Thankfully our guide for the day was nice and lead us home.
After lunch, I got changed into my swimming trucks, as I didn't think our trip to the waterfall would be too crazy. Silly me.
It was definitely a challenging trip up. There was a whole lot of tight sections, as well as spots were you really needed to plan out your footing. It was bouldering all over again.
After a tough climb, we reached the first waterfall. There was a small section where we all tried to squeeze in for a photo opportunity. Everyone was feeling great, and we began our way to the second waterfall.
Here was some tricky climbing spots. Some areas so bad that we clung on to the ropes they had set up. I'm not sure if my grip strength has gotten better, or the legitimate fear of falling off a cliff side kept me going strong.
Then came the time for the necessity of harnesses for our next spot. That's right, there was a waterfall section we needed to climb up.
Now, this was no small little jaunt up or anything, this was a pretty substantial climb with water crashing down on you. My nerves hit a bit. I'm not a light guy, and there was a part of me that wasn't sure someone maybe half my size could hoist me up if needed. Still, Shan was determined, and I had already gone this far, so it was time to meet some fear.
After getting harnessed up, the climb was difficult as expected. One of our guides climbed up with ease, showing us the best route to follow.
Shan was up first, and our guide was confused when she didn't want to take her glasses off. Funny how one might want to be able to see.
I was up next. After cursing at myself thinking this climb might kill me, I much more slowly made my way up. I did it though, and it took a good five minutes for my heartpace to calm down afterward.
Immediately after there was another tight climb up a good ten feet section. He showed us how to climb up, saying it was really so easy.
After trekking for awhile, we reached the far larger waterfall section. Most of us stripped down and swam around a bit, enjoying our victory.
I thought there might be another pathway home. No? Go back down the same way you came? Oh, I see. Going down took longer, as some in our group were showing some signs of exhaustion. Somewhere along the way home I tore a massive hole in my swim trucks. Well, couldn't save them. Thankfully no one behind me seemed to mind seeing some ass, so that was a plus.
After dinner, there was a time where they taught us about their culture, including general information, to weddings, to the life of Shamans. Male and female Shamans were able to communicate with different spirits. Men could communicate with female spirits, and females could communicate with male spirits. There was a believe that male spirits were more powerful. The life of a Shaman was not an easy one. You basically needed to cut everyone else out from your life, and it could take forty to fifty years to learn the various ways to heal people.
Shan was chosen to take part of a cleansing ritual. We were told for Spirits to come out, the rituals needed to be done at night, with no lights. Lights would turn spirits away. Shortly after, we turned in for the night.
Sept 8 Tuesday
Today was a day filled with travel. The plan was to go to a nature habitat, then to go swimming. To get to the habitat, we needed to drive over to a Port, then take a boat in.
Our driver needed to get some gas, and ended up going far out of the way of where we needed to go. Gas here is about the same price as it is in the States. I still wish I remembered how many litres were in a Gallon.
Naturally, we got there late, so everything became a rush.
We boarded a long motorised canoe. It was the first time I had been in such a large canoe. The ride itself was nice. The water was cool, and the water appeared more bownish in colour thanks to all the mud.
We made it to the nature habitat. It could only be accessed by boats, which made the location a lot more remote. Today was officially one of the hottest days of our trip. The humidity was really getting to me badly.
The habitat itself had a simple objective, take in animals, then get them to the point where they could go back to nature. Some of the animals were former pets, so at times this could be a difficult. There were also a few free range monkeys, which given the chance could and would riffle through your stuff and steal something.
After the habitat, it was time for another boat ride to go to the home of our sea captain. His marriage was considered a bit of an oddity, as he was from Ecuador, and his wife was German. They had hopes to start a small restaurant at their home, but it was difficult just due to the competition in the area. The food was good but I could not finish my plate, a sure sign I was getting too much heat. After lunch, it was back on the boat, then a drive to a swimming spot. Due to active volcanoes, we needed to change the location of where we went, as no one was happy to at the thought of breathing in ash.
The swimming spot was really nice. It reminded me a bit of golden lake as there was some sparkle in the water itself. One of the people in our group bought a ball, and a big game of keep up started. In the end we had even brought in some other bystanders as we all leapt around, trying to keep the ball airbound. The cold water really seemed to help me, or so I thought.
It was a fairly long drive to get back home. Some of the roads in the area are just boulders and other large rocks. Traffic laws also kind of seemed more like guidelines then anything else.
When we got back, I was feeling pretty terrible again, and thought it would be a good idea to have a nap before dinner. Occasional fever like spikes came and went, which made sleeping pretty difficult.
After waking up very groggy, it was time for dinner. I tried asking for a smaller portion, but I don't think I was heard. After dinner, the first of unpleasant bathroom times had begun. I'll spare you the details.
After that fun episode, I tried to get some water back into my system. Determined not to let some diaherra like symptoms to ruin my night, we had a fun time playing Truth or Dare with others in our group. It was a blast really. Always fun when people have as little shame as I do.
After that, it was time for bed. Unfortunately, Shan went from feeling perfectly fine to not at all.
Sept 9 Wed
After a brutal night, we have decided to avoid the sun as much as we can. We really wanted to go to the school, but between Shan and I, we thought it would be a really bad idea. Having some of my appetite back was a good sign I was starting to feel better at least. Shan on the other hand was feeling absolutely terrible.
We had some breakfast, then bid the others farewell as they left for the School and swimming after. I didn't want to leave Shan alone, so we both stayed home.
Our bus ride is tomorrow, so we're really hoping to have all of this out of our system before then. She took some medicine. Besides my malaria medication, I'm avoiding taking my stuff for traveler's diaherra, as you really have to avoid direct sunlight. Really difficult here, lemme tell ya.
Our late day activity was learning how to make chocolate. Our guide mentioned typically they just left their as a drink, they tended not to make bars out of it.
The process itself wasn't overly difficult. After opening the fruit, you dried the nuts. Once dry, you roast them. They have a distinct popping sound when they're done. After that, you peel off the crisp layer, then roast it again. From there, you grind it into a fine paste like substance. This is where you add in milk and sugar as you cook it. Depending on the proportion of milk and sugar, you can get drastically different tastes.
After enjoying some bananas with chocolate, it was mud mask time. The real benefit to this was it helped cool the face down a bit. It also should make you look younger. I laughed and said if I wanted to look 15 years younger, I'd shave my beard off.
Last bit of crafting for the night was making a bracelet or necklace. It was quite nice.
We didn't really do much later in the evening this time around. Many others were also under the weather, so there was not a high party mentality.
Sept 10 Thursday
The morning started off once again with the Roosters boasting to the Sun about how awesome they were. It was sad to think this would be our last day at the home, even with the sickness.
Many asked for smaller portion sizes for breakfast. We all feared about how long it took last time with no washroom on the bus last time around.
We did have time for some morning shooting though. Blowgun style! There were two blowguns available. A longer, heavier one which was more accurate, and a far lighter one.
All in all, it was a good time. People were feeling better, and it seemed only three from our group could be reliable hunters.
Before formally bidding the family farewell, it was time for a silly show. They entertained us for so long, it was time to return the favour. Our sing and dance of choice? The Chicken Dance of course! Mind you, most of us clumpsily crashed into one another when we were supposed to be linking arms. The good part though, the family was entertained. Confused, but entertained.
After that, we bide or farewells, and made our way to the bus. This time around it was a far shorter drive. Last time it took seven hours, this was three and a half. We also had the fun of seeing occasional subtitles for a really crazy movie. So terrible. Such Action and Romance.
We arrived back at the hotel and learned that not all rooms are equal. Sadly, the bed for our new room was smaller, there was no fan in the washroom (which for those of you who know my washroom bombs, that's important) and the water never really did heat up a whole lot.
But, here we are,meeting with the group in less then a hour for some dinner.

8:55PM - Our Adventure into the Amazon. Part 1

Ecuador Trip so far.
Currently this morning we have a bit of time to kill before the bus got here. Thought that might be a good opportunity to do a small bit of writing.
Sept 4, our wake up at 5 AM was not that bad really. It helps that we had packed everything in advance the night before and headed to bed pretty early. Upon getting to the hotel my car would be parked at for the duration of our trip, we were told we weren't on file. After a short conversation with the manager, we found the issue. They had my first and middle name on file instead of Shan's for some strange reason. Luckily, that was sorted out quickly, and it was a short wait for the shuttle to take us to the Airport.
Shan was once again mysteriously swabbed by security, and they swabbed the inside of my carry on luggage. No explanation as to why, but I've learned it's better not to question boarder security officers. Our wait there was a bit uneventful, minus having fun dancing on the escalator floors.
As we got into our first of two flights, drowsiness hit quick. Might have been the medication kicking in or something. After what felt like a solid nap, I woke up, and played some Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions on my iPad. Shan read a book. Lunch was served and the airline attendants did not look pleased at all to be there. Thankfully Copa Airlines has a nice meal, better then Air Canada.
We landed in Panama City, and were slightly confused on where to go. Our luggage was being brought over, so we didn't need to worry about that. We thought it would be good to share a nap and a beer and paid way more then we should have. Shortly after, we were being loaded for our second flight.
Our second flight was considerably shorter. I was reading a magazine as my iPad ran out of juice.
We landed in Quito, went through customs, and found our luggage. Shan's bag came out first, which was kind of a miracle in itself as her's has typically always been last out.
We found our shuttle (which again listed me as my first and middle name instead of Shan, quite bizarre) and we went on our way to the hotel.
The cab ride was a whole lot longer then expected. There were a few death grip moments with tight and fast turns up and down roads that we only realized later were not one way roads.
We got to our room, and crashed out shortly after.
Sept 5. Woke up, and went for breakfast. I liked it quite a lot. We started taking our Malaria medication. We were interested in sight seeing since our meeting was not until 8pm.
We asked the front desk about tours. No tours. We asked about a map. No map. We asked about local sites in walking distance nearby. We were asked in return if we wanted a cab, and were obviously confused by our retort of, "A cab to where?"
Frustrated, we started looking to the Internet for help. There was a large park, not to far away. We made our way there. It was a large and beautiful park. We even went on a short paddle boat ride. There was a great amount of training equipment available. It was basically an outdoor gym that many were enjoying. Sadly, the botanic garden was closed as it was under construction. We ventured out to a few shops and malls. Quito is a lot more similar to back home. Found an octopus buff that seemed like a good idea.
Our lunch at the mall was a bit difficult. The language barrier was quite obvious. Thankfully, we ordered what we thought we had.
Later that night we had our Meeting. I have thoroughly enjoyed our trips with G Adventures so far. Shan was quite exhausted, so that didn't help matters much. Our guide didn't care about the vouchers, even though we were told to bring them. He also skipped right over any of the optional excursions, which I guess was his way of saying they weren't worth our time.
Today, we leave for the Amazon. We have a long bus ride ahead of us, in which we were told to very safely guard our belongings as it was not uncommon for people to be robbed from. Comforting right?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

10:41PM - Can I be a Hero now? Peru Part 2 - Sacred Valley

It was time for adventure. The kind of mornings had you not been waking up rediculously early you would spring out of your bed shield strapped on and sword at the ready. We, however, were trying to wake up as we stammered down the staires. We enjoyed our breakfast (which I would soon learn to realize would be the exact same at this hotel for the rest of our stay.). We meet with the other travel agency, and were immediately meet with noncommital acceptance that we were on the tour. Both the Tour Guide nor the Driver seemed pleased at all to be having us join them on our first geographically significant trek. This was certainly off to a worse start then in the UK, the tour group there made me feel instantly at home and welcome; here I felt more like an unwanted distant relative that just told a terrible joke.

Being on a Tour Bus, the driver is a pretty significant part of the whole experience. Expecting a bit more caution because we were in a much larger vehicle, my opinion quickly changed. We quickly nicknamed our Driver Honey Badger because he just didn't give a shit. It didn't matter how congested the street got, how narrow the oppurtunities to move up, our driver forged on like a madman. He practically punched the horn; just to make sure that other drivers knew he was bigger and was on top. As we picked up the other tourists, the generl mood didn;t really improbve much at all. I believe I got a half smile from one person saying good morning to them. It quickly became evident that we were in the minority of speaking English. It was kind of unfortunate that the only other people that spoke English primarily were an elderly couple that complained about just anything under the sun. Another person that stuck out was Captain Snotty Nose. His Superpower? Apparently not knowing how to blow his nose.

Magda (the tour director), was mostly silent through our drive to pretty well every location. We would occasionally get glimpses of insight, but they quickly trailed off and ended abruptly. Not given much to listen to, we took in the beautiful sights that the mounatins were bringing with them. Agriculture was very important; and we saw a large variety of crops along the trips. Later we learned of the massive difference in the number of crop variations they had there then we do. At home, we have maybe five varieties of corn? There, it was explained that there were thousands of variations. We also got to se many Oxen being used in the fields.

The drive to the sacred Valley was two lanes for most of it. As I mentioned earlier, driving here is kind of crazy. Speed Limits seem to not exist; as the only sign you're going too slowly is if you get passed. The part that made me clench often was drivers darting to pass people around blind corners. You might wonder if there were close calls; all the time. The surprising part though? There often was no horn blowing, and everyone just compacted those two lanes to be able to fit three cars. Surprisingly, Honey Badger driver did not take well to anyone trying to pass him. Peasents beneath his feet or something. Along most of the drive there were prickly pear cactus, that Shan was often frustrated at the inability to get a clear picture of it. Many of the homes were made from adobe; a mixture of mud and straw, and many were in a state of needing to be repaired.

As we came closer to The Sacred Valley, it was explained just how long a gruesome the war with the Spanish was. The last remanents of the Incan's of this region were creeping over the horizon. The Incans had their agriculture work through the use of terraces at various altitudes. Some of the ancient Aquaducts were still there, operating well.

Our first stop was in a textilles market in Chinchero. While we probably could have haggled for better prices; this is where we had gotten our sweatersm hats and gloves for the trip. All considering, it still came out to much less then we could buy it at home. There were also unimpressed Llamas and Alpacas there, some dressed up, others not.

As we continued on our trip, we were told the significance of the River that flowed through the area. The river was seen as an extension of the Milky Way and the mountain peaks. The River provided life; gave strength to everything it stretched to.

Finally; we had reached some of the Ruins in the area. Looking at the mass amount of other tours; their tour director wore something very flashy, or had a sign or a flag. Our tour director had none of these things, and was walking like she was on a forced march. It was around here that Shan was having the gotta pee dance, and Magda was very little help to tell her where the bathrooms would be. Seeing many of the Granaries, Shan quickly became impatient and asked when we finally stopped where the washroom was. We were told where it was, then told we would have a very short time to explore on our own. Magda then started to lecture us, much like an elementary school group. Shan however hit her limit and made it for the washroom.

This is a side note. I know I am very priviliged to live where I do. I have so many comforts that I at times complain about. However, the one thing after this trip that I will never appreciate more is a sit down toilet. Along this trip it was a squater hole. While not that bad on the Sacred Valley, it sure did become a struggle on the Inca Trail to go to the bathroom. There were moments when I tried to convinence myself I could hold it; but it never happened.

It was here that we had a brief tour around the Citidal. This was also the first of many spots that Shan would do a handstand against the wall, smiling from ear to ear. We wanted to take more pictures of one another, but this quickly became a difficult task with the mass amounts of people coming and going. Before long; it was time for us to head back to the bus. Magda; not wearing really anything to stand out; was nowhere to be seen. We actually had not seen many of the members of our group at all and started to worry that we had taken up too much time. Avoiding many of the merchants we rushed to get to our bus. We were the first ones there, but by five minutes time, everyone else had showed up. Honey Badger was already set and rarring to head off to our next loacation. Magda had me worried a bit, as she didn;t even seem to do as much a head count when we were all on the bus. It made me appreciate Russel and Steve from England on our trip there that much more.

there was another bus driver that was having a great deal of difficulty turning around on the narrow road. There were many people outside trying to help guide him. Our driver just blarred on the floor, impatiently inching to any opening the other bus might have given. After a drive, we had arrived in quite a large city, where we were allowed to explore the market.

It was here that we found out the locals had us pinned down. The woman and children would wear traditional hand-woven garments and hold adorable lambs and other critters. They offer to let you take a picture for a price. Could I resist? Of course not. The market itself, while vast, didn't have anything that caught our eye really. This could have mostly ben due to the fact that we wanted to save our Sol. Our one purchase was for an Inca Kola; which tasted quite a lot like a Banana soda. I liked it anyway.

Once again we headed for the drive to a large ruin on the Sacred Valley that held the Sun Temple. The drive to this area had one terrifyingly hilarious moment. Here is the given scenario: there is a bridge that is only wide enough to have one vehicle go over it at a time. There is a significantly smaller bus already starting to go to drive on the bridge. Honey Badger Driver speeds up to get onto the bridge, forcing the driver of the smaller bus to slam on the breaks, and reverse out to avoid a collision.

In the distance, we could see many granaries built into the mountain sides, as well as terraces and pathes etching along. This was to be our first challenge, the supposed 200 steps to get to the Sun Temple. The climb up illustrated the meaning of irregular and uneven steps. the width of some of the steps were considerably smaller then others. However, it still was nothing compared to what was to come. There was a spot with carved out sections that you could stick your head into. There were a few of these in a line, and we were told to se Sacred Valley that held the Sun Temple. The drive to this area had ontick our heads in and humm or sing downward so that it could echo throughout the Ruin. Turns out Magda mostly just wanted a good photo oppurtunity for people to put their head in a bit of a hole. Alright, it was kind of funny.

The climb to the top was slowed down by the various traveling speeds of the many groups that were there. When we got to the Sun Temple, it was a sight to see. The light from the Sun went in a very direct line through it. That's why it wasplaced and faced the way it was. It was said to be tremendously more impressive at certain festivals throughout the year.
It was also at this point that I came to appreciate the stone work that had been done, especially with the use of sand to ensure that the earthquakes that happened quite often in the area would not bring the buildings down... well not easily anyway. There was also an oppurtunity to see how far some of the Aquaducts stretched out, as well as how well maintained the ramps that they transported their building supplies were still kept. Shan enjoyed taking a picture of her feet stretched up over an edge.

The next stop was for some much needed lunch. This is where the State of Confusion hit again; as we stopped at three different restaurants, each having small pockets of our group go on their seperate way. We went to the pretty amazing Tunupa Restaurante. This; was by far a pretty amazing buffet lunch; even though the water we got was pretty rediculously priced. This was our first oppurtunity to try out Albacas meat, (Which I must say I did enjoy). The also had some lovely birds in the front that were nice to pose for pictures; as well as some Llamas and a merchant shop in the back. The atmosphere was wonderful; the sights were wonderful, and the food tasted great. This was certainly needed.

Now, for the longest drive of the section. We were on our way to a famous Cathedral in the area. I was looking forward to seeing it, as most of the churches I've seen ahve been impressive. I expected no less. About an hour and a half drive and we reached our destination. The town itself was small, and many of the shops were slowly starting to take down their wares. We made our way for the Cathedral; failing to keep up with Magda's maniac pace for going up the steep streets. There was a mage statue of a cross outside of the Cathedral that looked out to the city. Though we wanted to take in the sight, we were rushed into the Cathedral.

It wasn't until we got inside that we realized something seemed off. The candles were being put out; preparations for a wedding for the next day were slowly being done. Magda lectured once again, though I focused more on observation. There was a back room that had all of it's light out that I couldn't see much of anything in. Whenshe was done, we were able to convince someone to bring light so we could see the room. While we stareted to explore, the rest of the group had started to leave the Cathedral, and were making their exit to get back to the bus. On our way out, we were stopped by a merchant that was selling a variety of extremely beautiful and hand crafted blankets. While the deal was extremely tempting, we realized we were the only ones in the area; and thought it better to try and rush back down the steep streets to get to the bus. I believe not getting that blanket was one of Shan's more heartbreaking moments. When we reached the bottom, we both needed to make use of the washrooms. We had to pay; but for the cleanliness of it all, the cost was well worth it. The bus was slowly already starting to back up by the time we jumped into it and scampered back into our seats.

The drive back to Cusco felt quite long. The stars were out though, and there was a hint of dark blue along the sea of darkness that emphasized their beauty.

Up until this point, I can say that while this tour group was not my favourite, there was nothing drastically wrong with it; until we reached Cusco. During the trip we regularly felt rushed, and we were often not told where the bathrooms were, as those seemed to just waste time. All of this could have been forgiven, but then things just started getting worse. There were three hotels that nd thought it better to try and rush back down the steep streets to get to the bus. I believe not getting that blanket was one of Shan's more heartbreaking moments. When we reached the bottom, we both needed to make use of the washrooms. We had to pay; but for the cleanliness of it all, the cost was well worth it. The bus was slowly already starting to back up by the time we jumped into it and scampered back into our seats.

The drive back to Cusco felt quite long. The stars were out though, and there was a hint of dark blue along the sea of darkness that emphasized their beauty.

Up until this point, I can say that while this tour group was not my favourite, there was nothing drastically wrong with it; until we reached Cuswe had stopped at to pick up the various other tourists. By the time we were back in Cusco, it was apparently the start of rush hour. This made things go quite slowly. The problem I had was that they flat out refused to bring people to drop them off in front of their hotels because of the traffic. They claimed it would be too difficult with all the traffic and that the Police wouldn't allow the bus to pull over and stop for that long. Their solution? Drop people off two or three blocks away from their hotel saying, "Oh, you just walk that way two or three blocks, no big deal."

Well, it was a pretty big deal to us. We told them we knew we were on the street with our hotel and that they would stop in front of it for us. Then they tried to place the Coup De grace on us; they tried telling us that I had not left my luggage in the storage compartment in the bottom of the bus. I sure had. Oh did I ever know that I did. Shan was wholely not impressed, and I felt she was about to tear a huge strip out of Magda and Honey Bagder alike. I, however, already saw how this was turning out; no other tourists had offered them a tip for their help. So, I offered the both of them a tip, and kindly asked if they would be able to check the bottom section again for my luggage when we reached the hotel. Money talks; and wouldn;t you know that my things were there. Fancy that.

The main Tour Company we signed up with was G Adventures. They happened to have their our reciption desk at the hotel we stayed at. Even bef

8:59PM - The Pilgrimage of Peru - The first step is the largest

Well, mostly on request of the Muscle Bound ShanMonster, I thought that I should do a bit of a write up about the trip that we had taken to Peru. I'm not sure if there is a word limit or not, so I may just put this in a couple of parts just to make sure it all fits in.

As an overall statement, I can say that I greatly enjoyed the trip. During it, certainly more times then not my body felt pretty battered and worn out. The sights and the experience of it all however was just awe inspiring. While the word Epic gts tossed around quite a lot nowadays; I can certainly say that our journey would classify as such. How so you ask? Our hourney itself spanned over countries, we faced some moments of peril (well alright, that was a lot of my own personal thoughts of peril of falling off a damn steep cliff side), we meet a new a vibrant culture, and we learned of the Gods (in specific, the Great Mother Earth.).

Well, the beginning is always a good place for any kind of story right? Why Peru you may ask? Well, there are a few reasons for this. The first being that it was Shan's year for a choice of trip. She was rather unimpressed with the level of activity on our last trip, (not to say it wasn't good, she just detested that bus quite a lot.). Since last year we've both seemed to have caught a travel bug of sorts, and we enjoy traveling together.

However, that still doesn't really explain why Peru was chosen overall. While the scenary in pictures looked stunning, you could find pictures of almost anywhere in the world that could give a compelling reason to go. So why you may be saying. Well, the answer is quite simple; Machu Picchu itself. Machu Picchu is one of the largest tourist attractions that Peru has. Unfortunately this also means that there have been a whole lot of tourists from all over the world that would want to see it. Unfortunate; some world traveler's are not so kind to the places they go then others may be. With this in mind; the site itself has had quite a lot of damage done to it over time, despite closing it for a month (February I believe?) to do repairs, but they only do so much. There was a rumour that they may eventually close it off to tourists entirely. Well, with that thought, rightfully or wrongfully protrayed, we had our destination; Inca Trail here we come!

The preparations of the trip itself differed quite a lot between the two of us. Shanmonster was riddled with thoughts for almost a month prior to the trip on how to optimize the luggage spac she had, and how to pack as lightly as possible. She kind of had a lot of moments of freaking out that she would forget something important, and made a note to register with the Canadian Registrations Abroad Agency fo Canada. She worried about her shoes, she worried about being able to get internet connection and keeping everythign charged up for the entire trip. She looked up the cost of most things there (though we both forgot to se about food; surprising note, it's very simular in price to here at home. We both had the needed vacinations that our respective Doctors reccomeneded for the trip. Despite the fact that she was panicing until we got there, she was better for it I believe.
I on the other hand was very laid back about the whole thing. I was given an amazing traveling backpack by Jordan and Chantal to use for the trip (well, actually they're letting me keep it, assuming that I might need it for some other trip sometime.), I wasn't worried about my carry weight as I assumed I was fine with it. The only really unknown factor was going to be the difference in altitude, but I had gotten prescription medication for that, so I felt reassured. That's when something pretty awful sink in the day before we left for our trip. I had a sharp realization that I didn't know much Spanish what-so-ever, I had no idea how well versed people were in English there. I had never been on a mountain, never mind just be in a city that would be so high up. I had what I packed looked at and prtty well told no as I got a smack on the back of the head for taking so much with me. In short, I kind of started to freak out a bit. This really took form in the shape of dizzyness, headaches, vomiting, diaherria, and a few other less fortunate effects. It seemed that my body, despite me trying to rationilize that I would be fine had taken my sub-conscious through the park of Worry and What the Fuck. I felt a bit better the next day as we were getting ready for our flight itself thankfully though.

The drive to the airport was much to be expected. I was given the token advice to not push myself too hard, and to try and enjoy myself; oh and not to die, that was repeated quite a few times. The airport and security was pretty well standard, though it was a bit concerning on how many of the workers looked like they would rather die then work there another minute. It could have just been the day, but their disposition was sour at best. Not having lunch before we got there, we decided it would be a good idea to look around the shops and get some better quality food before our flight. I was actually pretty happy with our food there, but then agin, I suppose Nachoes are pretty hard to do all that wrong. We also had a sandwich along with it; and found that the stores generally had nothing of interest. As we waited for the boarding to start, Shan felt that we should get some pushups in, as she was certain we would not have the energy for them while on the trip itself. We both did our daily amount, much to the confussion of the others in the gate. We did them between rows of seats, which was kind of hilarious.

The flight wasn't all that spectacular to talk about. We watched some movies, had some not great food, and failed in attempts to get some sleep. The map of the route was interesting as always. it was particularly exciting when we had passed over the Equator. Much to my surprise, I was informed of some of the different constellations we would see in the night sky; that was kind of awesome. After that point however, we had the unfortunateness of having a large storm where we were flying for a better part of the trip. For some odd reason, seeing lightning flashes wasn't so comforting when we were right in the middle of the storm. A couple of hours before we were expected to land, we were given Immigration papers to fill out. It was a bit confusing at certain parts, but thankfully we filled out the paper work correctly.

Our flight had two stops; one being in Lima, the other being in Cusco. The airport in Lima was quite different then the airports here in Canada. For lack of a better term, security was a lot more laid back. There were drug dogs being lead by security staff that happily sniffed people and bags alike. Sometimes they would even climb on the conveyer belts to get to a bag more quickly. I don't think they were treated badly though; the dogs seemed pretty happy about the whole situation. Thankfully there were no instances of the dogs finding anything suspicious; I had a creeping feeling that the police and Security in Lima may not be so gentle as the ones here might be. Our travel agent had never told us that we needed to get our luggage between stops, which is a good thing that we had asked the attendants there and were told that we would need to. It didn't take too long to get our things, and we had a long layover to worry about. At this point, neither of us had gotten much sleep at all, so we kind of shambled like zombies a bit.

We didn't really know where we were supposed to go. There weren't that many signs that were helpful either. Eevntually we found our way over to Security, and got in line. Going back to my laid back statement earlier, the same thing persisted here. There scans done, but you just put your bag in; but they didn;t really make sure you put everything in that you should have. Many people had smaller hand bags with them and didn't put it through. Problem for security? You're joking right? After this, we eventually found the waiting area by the Gates, and lemented on the hours we would be waiting. There were signs saying there were Wi-Fi zones available, but the connections to them were unreliable at best. There was an Information desk, so I thought I would try to find out if there was a better connection somewhere, and which gate we would need to wait at worry about. At this point, neither of us had gotten mu for our plan. Well, the attendant there had tucked himself in a dark corner and was clearly trying to get some sleep in. Much to my aggrevation, the only answer I got about where we needed to wait was, "Too soon, too soon." The waiting game started, and eventually the information came up on one of the TVs. From there, we tried to loop ourselves in our luggage, and get some sleep. It really wasn't happening. When it finally came time for our flight, we were met by another surprise. We were brought from the Gate, to a bus that drove over to the plane then loaded us up. This flight was a lot easier to deal with, I think it was under two hours in total length. Did I pass out right quick? Most certainly.

Cusco Airport left us with a very familiar sense of being lost. We eventually were able to find our way outside, then were puzzled on how we would get to our hotel. As we started looking for phones to call our travel agent, we saw there was a large group of taxis outside, many with Hote and Tour company signs. Foregoing using the phones, we found the correct taxi for it, (a small relief that they had our names on a list.). Shan was handed the a cell phone while we drove to the airport, but due to a lot of tired there wasn't a lot of effective communication going on.

Driving in Peru! An exciting bit you'll imagine. Thankfully, we were at least driving on the same side of the road. The part that wasn't much like home was the lack of any real stop signs, or traffic lights, or... well any indications in general. It was quickly explained to us that the best drivers in Cusco were the quickest, plain and simple. Horns blarred at almost random spots, and the whole driving experience felt more like a big game of chicken. One thing of note that was different to see that most cars (roughly 4 in 5) had reflective strips all along the vehicle. Made a lot of sense. There were stray dogs just about everywhere. We later started a game that I will get into later.

The environment in general was very dusty, and the emissions from the cars were pretty terrible. I don't think that emission testing really happens there; as I say many vehicles that look liek they were past their last leg. Surprisingly the weather wasn't too hot or too cold, it was truly a blessing. Another thing of note was that many of the washrooms didn't seem to have hot water, and toilet paper in itself was pretty scarce. I was glad we both brought our own with us.

The world seemed quite different here. I felt my heart ache a bit seeing the poverity that was so rampant through the streets. Many buildings were falling apart, and garbage was litered almost everywhere.

After a pleasent conversation with a couple from Austriallia, we had reached our home away from home, the Prisma Hotel. The employees there were friendly and helped us get settled in our room pretty well. A bad indication happened at this moment. Our room was on the fourth floor; doesn't sound like much at all right? I'll let you know something though, we were both gasping for air around the thrid floor, never mind when we reached the fourth. Needless to say, whn we reached our room, some good quality sleep was one of the first thoughts that we had. After getting in a nap, we were invited to meet with a group of fellow travellers to go over the details of the hike. Curiousity set in, and we were pleased to see such a large group gathered. As the details were laid out, we also went into what I'll call the State of Confussion. We were told that while we were sitting in with this group that it would not be the group we would be going on the hike with. While it was a bit strange, we accepted this fact and continued to listen in. It was then that we had learned about the Sacred Valley tour.

Our Tour Guide hadn't told us about this option at all. Interested in seeing more sights, and more importantly try to get used to the altitude, we asked about being able to join in on this one day trip. We were told we would be able to, however the current trip with the group we were sitting with was booked up. It was explained that there was another Tour Company that they knew quite well that would be able to take us with one of their groups. While it didn't sound ideal, it would be better then nothing. With that sorted out, we thought we should probably have some dinner. The hotel had a restaurant in it, so we decided to have dinner there; not wanting to go off to far adventuring with the sky quickly darkening. It was here that we had, perhaps the best hot chocolate I've ever had.

Speaking of the night sky, it didn't creep along the sky in many stretching colours. It more seemed to have a bright shine, then darkness quickly flooded the sky itself. With it, the heat rapidly dropped. It was almost like we had plunged into a lake and sank low in the Ocean floor.

Might as well make another post from here.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

1:31AM - Allow me to introduce you too..

My lost train of thought really.
Once again, I was waiting to actually make a post and my mind was filled with things to talk about. You think I could remember any of it now? Not a chance really.

Today I meet with my brother's girlfriend's family. She has a much larger family then I expected, I feel a bit bad that I know I'm not going to remember many names at all.
Really, one of the funniest moments came when there was a lot of spicy food available and my dad and I were eating it no problem, but were asked all the time if we were alright with the spicy goat. Honestly..
We talked with Doug a lot, mostly about sports. A part of me really misses playing football, and in a way I wish I could get back into it. Of course, if I did that though it would mean no more going to LARP as game days would always be on the weekend. The only real plus would be that I would be in a bit better shape and get out frustration very easily. Not that it's an issue, but it sure reminded me how much fun it was to crash into someone. On the plus, as it stands I'm not doing hills, or hearing guys lie about their sexual prowess.

It really made me think though, sports in general is really changing for younger kids. I remember after a game, no matter all the dirty hits, no matter all the cuts, at the end of the game, that was that. No beating the crap out of someone after, no stealing their girl, nothing stupid like that. Maybe I just never noticed.

So, my brother has not moved out as he had planned. Apparently he's in the works for May, but I won't hold my breathe. When he does move out though, I know I'll be looking for a vehicle of my own, as missing out on seeing people is kind of annoying just because I can't get down there when I'd like to.

Why is 3D becoming such a huge thing again? I remember back with those red and blue "glasses" and it just kind of made me feel sick. I ahven't seen any of the new 3D movies.... actually I'm having trouble remembering the last movie I went to theaters to see in general... Either way, I thought it was tried before, and it never took. Is it simply because now the technology has changed and it actually looks realistic?

I upgraded my phone and now I'm part of the whole BlackBerry thing. Really different, maybe I'll bother to have my phone on me more often now. I haven't even really used it all that much, and don't know who else has one. Shaun and I chat more often now though, that's a plus.

So, I had a long conversation over the phone with someone I used to know in High school. While it was nice to catch up, at times I can't help but feel I might have some priorities that are so weird compared to other people. She's getting married, has a house, and a good job. Heh, and here I remember when she had a crush on me back then, good thing that never panned out with the way she has everything planned out.

After I had people over I realized how few multiplayer games I actually own. The new Super Mario for the Wii was the last one. I think only Jay wants to play River City Ransom heh.

As I said, I had a lot on my mind earlier, but lost it. There are not many more Robot Masters to be scrapped.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

6:00PM - And back once more

Naturally again I had somewhat of a list of things I wanted to talk about, but I forgot already.

- Board Game
So, Last time we hung out, Jay was able to find a board game for Warhammer's off shot track called Old World. The whole premise of the game is to try and beat out those lousy humans, and screw each other where you can. There are the Four Gods of Chaos, who all have their own ways of gaining power and specialties.
In our experience, Karl Fronz and a whole lot of peace forcing Events made it hard for Khorn to get to slaughter like I had many plans to. There was getting used to using spells effectively. It most definitely meant to be played by four people. In the end, what mattered was that we killed all humans.

For Megaman, we beat X6, so it's on to X7 and 8 or the Legends games next.

- Ottawa Trip
I've just gotten back and it was a fantastic trip.
On the way up, we had a bit of a worry when we were really low on fuel. Why there was about 6 gas stations not run 24 hours made me really wonder. Still, there was no pushing necessary.
We got into the hotel too late for the a swim. Actually, it was pretty well right to bed once we got in. The blinds there were very good, and when the alarm went off, it really didn't feel like that was the actual time.
Good breakfast, and a lot of turn around later and we checked out the Museum of Civilization. It kind of went in backward order, where the shop was checked out before the actual Museum. It had expanded a lot it would seem, and they even had two actors out playing the part, which was pretty awesome.

Overall, we didn't take a lot of pictures, but that can't be helped.

A nice walk to check out Parliament, and found out that the cats weren't there. I guess they were off hunting. From there, it was checking out shops. I didn't find anything really to buy though, I was hat-less.

All in all, a fantastic trip. The weather cooperated and it was a great time.

I've got tomorrow booked off. Did I need to? Not at all. Will I enjoy the day and spend it playing video games? Hopefully I'll be able to.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

10:08PM - The Masquerade must be kept

Well, I've been busy lately, what can I say. It's always funny, at some moments I feel like I have no time at all for anything, then when I actually get a quiet moment to myself I kind of have no idea what to really do with it.

My last event as HoP at FA was a lot of fun. I was thankful that the weather co-operated with us and there wasn't any rain. Overall, there were some things I wasn't able to wrap up, so I'm sure that people will have fun with whatever may or may not get done with it. I wanted to do more with the Kindred Ties, but what can you do?
I do want to thank everyone who was able to make it out to events though, while I know I don't talk about it as much, FA was a great experience for me to help run for a little bit. I know that the game has taken a bit of a new direction, but I'm sure it'll be very interesting to see what the new years plot team has in mind.

Heh, overall though, I think I should get back to DMing at D&D night... it's only been like... what? A month and a half since I've come to game? Something terrible like that.

One great thing that happened just recently was my company work party. We all got put up in an luxurious resort, with free everything. Free meals, free drinks, free room service (which, let me tell you is great).
Was there a pool? Yes indeed. The pool was actually boiling hot, I was surprised. I thought I might have accidentally jumped in the hot tub, until I got into the hot tub and found out how much hotter it was.
Thanks to it, I have to think of some silly present to get myself. Chris keeps saying I should get a PS3, just so that I would have all three game stations at use. it's tempting, but, overall there aren't a ton of games I want on it in all honesty. Maybe I should be silly and see if any game stores near-by have Suikoden II for PSX? :P Not that I don't have games to play. Yes Metroid Prime Trilogy, I see you staring at me, unhappy I haven't even loaded you yet.

I had taken a week off of work. Did I do anything good with it? Well, I helped my dad out and spent a lot of time with Ben and Lila, so it was good in that sense. It was funny though, with her hoping I'd be able to pick her up from school every day. Sometimes I forget how being a grown up can suck sometimes. I mean, really I know I planned on taking a trip and a rolled a 1 on that attempt. Part of the problem was having no real goal as to where. I didn't even play as much games as I thought I would. Alright... so I played a good chunk of KH 358/2 Days

The play is coming along great. I feel a lot better now that we're rehearsing just on the stage. Come Sunday, they should have all the curtains and wings set up, so we should be able to have a lot of fun with it. Kind of funny to hear people talking about the next shows though, but I guess I'm just single minded. Costumes are coming along and people are having a lot more energy.

Some things change and some things stay the same. Azure Dreams at least still hates me, did a run through the tower and landed in a monster breeding pit. They beat me down then went back on their marry way while I drifted into unconsciousness.

Been having some side pain as of late. I actually did the smart thing and got it checked out (mostly because of a mental guiltily that just pushed me to do so.) Nothing serious, it's just been suggested I get an X-ray to ensure there is nothing really wrong. The expected area of interest is the gal bladder or Right abdomen, however you wanna look at it.

I had a whole lot more on my mind, but unless someone wants me to talk about something specific I think I'll leave it at that.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

9:12PM - Why not right?

So, for starters I had a very funny dream, and felt as I was playing Olaff in the dream, that the dream was an IG one.The basic premise you ask? Liothua marries for political happiness and I get pissed off.

As you can probably guess, most of the dream deals with the pre marriage, and the actual wedding itself. Naturally I'll spare a lot of details just to make this a shorter post.

Week before the wedding, Jatar makes the announcement for the town to know about the coming ceremony, hoping that everyone will be able to make it. There, oddly enough for Jericho, is a lot of happiness at this announcement and a big spree of people congratulating Liothua and the husband to be. The husband (although at the time I didn't really care to hear it) was a Prince in Suvant, in hopes it would strengthen political bonds. My first thought was, "Hey, I didn't know Antioch and Suvant had a shaky alliance, but ok dream"
This was the whole talk of the town. All the badness even seemed to just go away, it was all very weird.

Three days before weeding, run into Liothua. Get asked to be part of the wedding party because she wants someone she knows in it, and Vanamear is gone off on other business. Reluctantly, and with an odd amount of other people there telling me I had to to support her, caved in.

Day before Wedding, rehearsal dinner and vows. Very long, and most of it having thr Magistrate talking with me telling me to smile and sit proud, and to make sure to look my best for the wedding tomorrow. Prince is a jerk.

Wedding day. Oh the mass amount of drama, from the flowers not arriving on time, to chefs being jerks, to people getting drunk before the ceremony part. Insert mass amount of hilarity.
Wedding Vows, inspire much anger at the Prince because his whole speech was about the joining of nations politically, not even mentioning Liothua at all.

Reception, this is a wonderful time. People actually dancing and having a great time. First dance for the newly wed was good, if not so choreographed. Most of Fenhiem gets kicked out for getting too drunk and fighting. Dinner portion, everyone making speeches. What do you mean I have to make a speech? Magistrate handing me a card for what to say when I can't read was a great help. Speech turns awkward starting with how great the bride looked, but got steered towards general happiness. Others make toasts, thankfully.

Dinner, food and drinks flying like it was nothing. Prince makes not so subtle inappropriate movements on Liothua. Go outside to try and get away from it, talk with others in military, get told how great the night is going for them. Walk outside to see Prince trying to force his way with a bridesmaid. Insert Berserk, Insert punching his lights out, with the dream ending of someone saying, "Well, at least you finally learned how to control that anger."

So, outside of that LARP dream, things have just been busy as of late. Weekends seem to fill up really quick, even when it's not a LARP one.

I guess I shouldn't complain though, better busy then bored right?

Monday, August 17, 2009

10:46PM - What I lack in speed I make up for in power.

Naturally I'm listening to music videos by Duane and Brando again, I wish I could find MP3s somewhere so I could add them to my iPod.Until such a time, Youtube will have to suffice.

Jill (one of my cats) is being very helpful stepping all over the keyboard as I'm trying to type. She seems to know when I'm talking to certain people.
Something that's been kind of funny is lately my parents have been on a big trip about my computer use, primarily for talking to people on MSN. They just don't seem to understand just how many people I wouldn't talk to ever if I didn't see them online. Naturally, that would be a lose, as I know a lot of great people.

Even though, lately I feel bad, I know a lot of people, but when it comes to hanging out in person I'm hard to get a hold of, or there will be other factors stopping me from hanging out. Sometimes, these reasons are better then others.
This past two weeks was a very expensive series of days, so I'll be looking forward to pay day this week, I need it to get back to triple digits in my account.

When it comes to family, I've been feeling a bit stressed as of late. In many ways, I feel like I'm relied on because I'm decently responsible, but it's annoying at times. For the first time in awhile I had to say no to getting something for them.

My brother has a new girlfriend and he already seems wrapped around her finger. It could also just be that I'm not the kind of person that feels the need to call someone every day just to see how they're doing. I imagine that's a quality that makes me a poor husband choice. As friends have told me before, I'm the kind of person who is good for marriage, not for dating, I wasn't sure how to take that. Still, I'm just worried she'll turn out just like his old one, especially when all he says is he wants to move out and I think he might be moving in with her, which I'm just not comfortable with that.

My sister was at camp for a week, so naturally she was a little strung out when I saw her this past weekend. Kind of pathetic on how much some withdrawal from something can cause a person to freak out. It could also be that I don't appreciate losing my bed too often.

My dad's scaring me lately with how stiff he's getting. He told me the hardest part lately was looking at what I'm doing and having to admit he couldn't do it anymore. That's what kind of makes me realize that I'm growing up, seeing a power figure falter.

Other news:

I saw Tool and Blink 182 in concert.
- Tool, the performance was a bit lacking. The videos were amazing, but their stage presence made me sad. In all honesty, hanging out before the show was the best part of it all. I wish I could do that more often.
- Blink 182 was amazing live. I was happy most of the songs they played were ones I knew. The Encore drum section was amazing. They had the drum-set and drummer on a separate panel, and lifted him up and twirled him all around the stage while he played.

Fantasy Alive has a new site for our events. I'm looking forward to this, but also a bit hesitant. Overall, I wish there was a way that we didn't have to change the event days, But I guess that can't be helped. Means I'll be missing two Underworld events, though I don't think too many will notice me being gone until there's a gap in the front line :P

I had a lot more on my mind, but some just isn't worth mentioning.

Monday, July 27, 2009

8:45PM - Update for no real reason

This will be a short update. I wanted to write a lot of detail earlier... but then I realized how late it's gotten to.

This past weekend a whole group of us made a trip out to New York State to go to a Ren Fair. It was a blast, even though I didn't come back home with anything. It was a very fun trip, and I'm glad so many people could make it out for it. We were able to see some shows, shop around, and most importantly be silly and get to hang out.
I know there were pictures taken, I hope some of those get sent my way.

As of late some days I've just been out of it, and I'm not entirely sure why. I haven't been eating or sleeping that differently, so I'm not sure what's triggering it as of late. I don't even know how to fully describe it, I just feel different at times.

I have to give some people money so I can go to shows with them. This is my reminder to do so when I see them next.

FA Event this coming weekend. It's going to be a long weekend, not sure if the Monday will be spent having an all day D&D or something else.

I had some interesting dreams, but I'll save that for another day.

Monday, May 25, 2009

8:44PM - Game of chance

Had a lot more on the brain earlier in the day, but naturally when it comes time that work is over and I'm actually at home all those ideas are right out the window. I'm feeling a bit lazy, and will be slowly working out formatting for this, so don't mind me.

Anime North was one hell of an experience this weekend, I really have to say. It was my first convention going, and there was a lot to take in from it all.
The main goal was to go there and help Underworld with it's table and events there. Naturally, many aspects were a bit last minute and a bit stressful, but in the end, I think everything worked out very well.

Friday was relatively simple. A lot of it was just figuring out the room, and seeing all the props and costume that was able to be worked out for. All in all, the best part was just getting to hang out with people OOG, I have to admit. There was some interest, and the bulk of it was telling people about what the plan was for Saturday. Supper choice was Boston Pizza, which is always nice, and not just because of the schooners... alright, it's partially because of the schooners.

Saturday was the largest part of the work that had to be done. Not going to lie, many points on Saturday were a lot of work, and there was a whole lot of people.
Of note, the adventure Mod and the Battle Royal were the big winners of the day (this isn't to say that fishing and getting pictures taken wasn't a good thing, I think this just got the most direct game exposure.). There was so much walking, I'm glad I had some cream for my feet when I got home. Supper choice was going to be Swiss Chalet, but they decided to close early (which made my inner business sense cry out. Why would you close at 10 on a Weekend night, especially when there's a large convention going on. Honestly.) so, instead we went to Kelsey's. Ribs and wings are tasty, but I really wish more wings would come then just five.

Sunday was more relaxing then anything else. A good breakfast (even if I filled up too much on pancakes again), and the chance to look around and shop.
I was, in a way kind of disappointed in the sales that were going around. I guess I might have just been looking for the wrong stuff however. I mean, games were what I was after and they were hella expensive ($150 for Final Fantasy VII and that's without the instruction book or any of the other frills? Shame on you owner).

Overall I look forward to going to another Convention next year. There were a lot of great costumes, and some I could have gone without seeing. (really large man in Sailor Moon outfit that let his package hang out... yeahhhh.) Maybe it's something Fantasy Alive would like to look into, but, there's a lot more time to think on that for later on. There were points where I was over-thinking, but, I feel much better about it now that it's not worth writing down what I was over analyzing about.

Speaking of Fantasy Alive, I'm still sorry to everyone about the first event being cancelled. Trust me, it's not what we wanted to happen at all, but it just seems that with the past few years we just do not have any luck with the first weekend events. I wish we could find a way to stop what's happening from happening, or a new site. Currently as it stands, there's investigation into temporary buildings.
I had a weird dream awhile back about running a full LARP in a small town for the entire length of the summer. None stop craziness. Made me want a site of my own... and reminded me if I ever want to be serious I should be writing out rules ideas more.
On Fantasy Alive, I'm looking over some of my overarching plot ideas and it makes me sad. Why you might ask? So many of them I have planned to last for a very long time. Not sure if people believe there's a need for a new HoP soon, but I know eventually I'd like to go back to PCing. From the sounds of it, assuming all goes well though, I'll be around for this season and probably the next as well. Heh, just some of my ideas I have to put on the back burner, some of them could be a bit too much right away.

Legend of the Dragoon and Megaman give me too many ideas for The PH book only D&D campaign I have. I've also have a lot more ideas for Heroes II, the revenge, which makes me happy.
Ian's been running a lot lately. The Talisman inspired board game mod was really wicked, have to say. More so ideas with Heroes II, but that's reaching certain places, so never know what kind of interest that will bring up. Naturally I have my cross-galaxy of doom still.Pirates I have monster possibility plans, but Pirates is supposed to be over the top. I mean hey, I even have plans for Sci-Fi, crazy enough.

I heard that lately there has been a trend in hyphenating names for children. I'm not meaning to say this as a bad thing, but I didn't know there was a desire to have a really long name. I can understand wanting to choose a good name for a child, that's a tough decision, but, I mean I know elementary school can be pretty cruel to some people, a really long name would be a small thing to pick on. I guess I'm more just surprised on the leaning trend, I guess like anything else, with time it might not be so weird at all.

I know this may sound bad, but just because I offer or give a massage doesn't mean I want that person. For some reason, there was a lot of that talk as of late, and I have no idea why.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

8:04PM - Because I never remember

Well, I guess I shouldn't say I don't remember, I do in fact remember to update but then I always start but never finish it. Yes yes, I'm sure there's some open joke part for never finishing, ha.

So, this weekend has been a very good one I must say.

Friday, was able to hang out with Jay where we finished off Megaman 7 and 8, as well as playing some Disciples (at least that's what I believe the name of the game was called. Played an awful lot like Heroes of Might and Magic, which defiantly isn't a bad thing.

Saturday I went with people to see a Slipknot concert in London. No, not that far away London, I could only wish to go there sometime. The first opening band (Three inches of Blood) Didn't really do it for me, and we instead walked around, checked out overpriced things for sale and the like. The rest of the night was good though.
I always forget how much fun Mosh pitting can be, especially with a good crowd. The one thing that really bothered me was the amount of people crowd surfing. If there isn't a large venue and not that many floor people, your common sense should tell you no. Needless to say, I say a lot of people get dropped, which just isn't good. Surprisingly things didn't get too crazy for Slipknot, which is a mixed blessing I suppose.

Today I mostly slept in. Beyond that, I went out to the driving range with my brother, sister and Dad. I did better then I usually do, which was a bit of a shocker, but I think it was mostly because I could just relax. I'm looking forward to warmer weather so I can go out and play a few nine hole courses. Golf isn't something I'll ever be very good at, but it's fun none the less.

One project I'm told I have to do is fix the patio stones in the backyard. Guess it's just the typical thing, you do it once and that means you know how to do it for everything else. All the same, I just don't know when I'll get to it, what with my weekends booking up really quickly.

Next weekend is the FA Build Weekend, Most of it will be the Saturday. It should be a lot of fun to fix up the site, and get to hang out with some other people outside of game,
The weekend after that is the FA event (as well as Underworlds, so I'm hoping to hear how that one will go.)
Then, after that I'll be volunteering at Anime North. Should be a fun time, as I've never actually been to a con before. Not sure how much I'll get to look around volunteering, but hey, will be an experience none the less. Just have to find out what I'll do/if I need costume. I imagine they'll want to dress up the more sexy people to attract attention.
In a way it'll probably be good that I'm volunteering, it'll detract me from buying much.

Other then that, life's been alright. My Grandmother has been recovering and doing well, so I can only be happy about that. I mean, I'm never privy to all the information, but I know the basics.

I'm still on the feel that I don't have as much time as I want for things. It's funny actually, I thought that once I started working full time I would have a lot more free time for things, seems not though. Still, being busy isn't a bad thing, especially when most of it is a lot of fun.

I've got a lot of games to play. First is to finish Legend of the Dragoon, whenever I can get the TV.. . actually, I was thinking of buying my own TV, just so I wouldn't have to wait for it, but that seems a bit over-board. Doesn't help that I don't really know what I should be looking for in a first TV purchase.
Other then that, got Persona 4, Final Fantasy XII, Metal Gear Solid 3, and Megaman Battle Network 5 (yeah, laugh all you want.)

The gyms been alright. starting this week I start again with another new trainer. I didn't win the TV, as I'm sure you could have guessed. I wasn't even close to losing enough weight, it was kind of embarrassing. Should be alright though. In a way, I look forward to my contract being done and just being able to work out on my own. A trainer defiantly pushes me more then I'll do it myself, but it's a lot cheaper.

I don't really know what to talk about, so unless someone has suggestions, I'll leave it at that.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

11:00PM - Longer and longer stretches

Seems like whenever I'm about to post I stop at one point or another and just don't bother to finish with the write up.
At the moment I'm not very impressed with my gym, tonight was supposed to be the night where I was supposed to weigh in. Owner of the place wasn't around though, even when he told me he would be.
My trainer also gave his two weeks notice, and hasn't bothered showing up for either of our two scheduled sessions. I mean, I know I'm not going to get charged for them regardless, but it's still a pain in the ass. While I have ever intention of continuing to go to the gym, I think for a good part now I'll just go in solo. I most defiantly don't push myself as hard, but I'm sure I'll make it worthwhile none the less. Just lately it feels like I'm saving very little of my pay cheques, and I think cutting back on that will help out a bit.
On the bad side though, I'm pretty sure I won't be winning the TV with what I'm at. I have no doubt I feel like I'm a lot better. Best I've weighed in was at 255, which is better then the starting 275 point for sure. Lionel, (co-worker of mine) said it was pretty funny, he knew a lot of places to get good deals, and I could have bought a similar TV just by the money I've been saving from buying lunches /buying snacks and coffee off the truck that comes by work. Still, I thought the thing that should matter more is I tried, and showed myself if no one else I can do it, just means changing habits a bit.

Of course, things like this always make me think about my family health history. If my dad's or mother's side is any indication, I'll more then likely have a heart attack, probably not in that long a time frame.

On healthy, my Nanny has recently gone through surgery, and I'm glad it was a success. She had a cancer growth that was continuing to grow that was blocking the food passageways. A stint was put in place, and now she can at least eat and drink again.... it was really bad when she couldn't even drink any liquid without throwing it up. She's recovering... but there's more cancer. Long story short, it's her choice what she wants to do. I know I hope she goes with Kemo therapy to help try and treat it. There's no denying where it came from though, smoking for at least sixty-five years that I know of will do that to you. Though, at this point I know she won't give it up, smoking is what helped her get through the war, or so she told me.

As of late I seem to be rapidly losing my time at night. Many of my nights are just going by far to fast. Just feels like I'm just sitting down and already it's just about time to head off to make sure to rest up for work. In ways it's really starting to get annoying, I've started writing things (other then updates) and quickly stop in place. I suppose it would help if I would stop going between game histories and writing out games.

Currently I'm just tossing up ideas for a Sci-fi larp, as well as a stand alone. This, naturally is outside of the things I write and do for the current LARPs I'm part of. I just can't wait to get back to site for FA, I really can't.
FA I'm looking forward to, even though many of my ideas are for the long term perspective. My aim is to try and stop myself from having mods that go on long tangents. I know, me go on long winded tangents, who'd think it right?

I still need to think of somewhere to go for a trip solo. I was contemplating taking a week at my birthday to be away from everything. Don't get me wrong, last year was awesome (even if it was so much steak), just as the current mindset I'd just like to go over it and not make a big deal out of it.

It's a crazy time for a lot of people. I hope everyone I know in school can keep strong and get through it all. Summer is on it's way. Who knows, maybe I'll go camping a lot this year.

Monday, February 9, 2009

9:56PM - My last post was in November? Crazy

Well, apparently it's been a long time since I've updated. I've honestly meant to update more recently, but, like many of my writing projects on the go currently, it just kind of seemed to run out of steam sooner then it really even had a chance to start.

The latest of news is the contest that I am currently entered into. I've gotten into a contest at my gym for the biggest loser style category. Whomever can lose the most body fat percentage from now until April will win a 42'' TV for their trainer and themselves. While I'm looking forward to this, it means I have to think more carefully about my diet, and actually watch what I eat. It's also suggested I step up my current training on my own, and do an awful lot more cardio (as I suck there, and it helps a lot.)
The one thing I really need to cut down on though is drinking Coke. You know, up until now I never bothered to look and see how bad a glass is, never mind the three to four I usually drink a day.
Currently I weigh 275 lbs. and have a body fat percent of 28.8.

Hanging out with Jason and Claire is good. We're making a good dent in Dokapon Kingdom. Claire is winning pretty soundly currently, but perhaps the tables will turn... unless someone casts magic on me, then I die a horrible horrible death. The game is fun, but defiantly is the kind of game you don't play solo. Well, at least I don't find it as much fun playing solo.
Jason and I still need to kill all Robot Masters. Will inform when we're down 7, 8 and 9 then move on to either Megaman and Bass, or to the X series.

I did something I thought I would never get a chance to do, I saw a Leafs game live. I have to admit, seeing the game live is defiantly a whole lot better then TV. Hell, I enjoyed it so much I was actually cheering the Leafs on. I'd even go so far to ask if anyone would want to go to a game with me sometime, but it's not exactly a cheap outing. Still, least I put it out there, but I doubt Erin or Alana, both Leaf fans, read this :P

It's still weird working full time. I mean, earlier I had to choose when to take my vacation time. I haven't even used all my days, mostly because I hold on to the blind hope I'll actually go out and travel sometime. A new travel place just opened nearby, maybe after I actually have do some saving, I'll check it out.

Christmas was good to me as always, even if I've come to realize it's mostly a holiday for the kids.

Once again in D&D I've started cross campaigning again... I'm a silly person. Should be fun, heh, but I should let other people run. We finally did the fight in Half-breeds, and surprisingly no one died.

Though, sadly tomorrow is a earlier start, so I should head off.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

9:03PM - A lot on the mind

I've had a lot on my mind lately, but I've been really busy and haven't had a chance to really sit down and write anything down. It's a mixed thing really. On the one hand, I've been really busy with work and hanging out with people lately. On the other, I've been out and lost touch of a few things, and haven't been able to really do much with it.

As such a lot has happened, so I'll be a whole lot of haphazard in writing, so I'm not expecting any of this to make sense.

My birthday party was a blast, thanks to everyone who was able to come out. This years challenge was the Lone Star 72 Oz. Steak challenge. There was pictures on Facebook for people to see the size of it if you wanted to. I did not however finish it sadly. Still, it was great just to even try it. Chris told me that he thinks it's something that should happen every year until I can finish it. Personally I don't think it'd be possible for me to finish it within an hour. The worst part was after wards thinking of how many people that would feed normally. Still, again thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, the presents and the company.
After the dinner we went to see the movie "Role Models" The main purpose was to see just how horribly Hollywood would portray LARPing. Much to my surprise it was a pretty funny movie. The Larp system they showed is a whole lot different then what I've played, but I suppose when there's as many people as there were there, it would make it a whole lot easier. Makes Armour seem like a waste kind of to me, just because it would slow you down.

I haven't been able to do a whole lot of writing of stories lately. Was writing for Sci-Fi, but hit a slump in that, mostly because I didn't take that great notes of the games I ran after that, and mostly thought that I might be describing peoples PCs a bit different then they would actually act.
I was slowly writing another story on it's own with the title of, "No Name Soldiers", but jut haven't found the needed drive to keep up with it. It wasn't something I had planned to share with others, mostly due to the nature of it, but still.
Other pieces of writing I've been going on is LARP stuff. Whether for current Plotting season, or for a LARP I'd like to run on my own. Naturally the problem with the later is rules balancing and a site. I'm looking forward to this season of FA a lot though, I have to say. I'm hoping that I'll be able to make sense of a lot of ideas that I have. Much of it revolves around light and darkness.

The Day Mod/Tavern night went really well I think. Unfortunately the weather was really lousy, so we couldn't use the site at all. The good part was that we had the Hall for the day, so we were able to hold game there. We were able to use some larger tables to help separate the Tavern up a bit. I think that we'll try to use Tarps later on, just for safety concerns from players. Combat in the Hall was pretty hard on its own.

I've really felt like seeing a play or musical lately. Claire, you're just about the only person I can think of that'd know things to go to and would possibly want to go with me. Any ideas or anything you'd wanna see? (Naturally anyone else who would want to go and see something correct me.)

Work has been going well, if not a bit weird at times. I suppose the part that's just odd is the smaller things. Knowing I'll have a job and don't have to worry about having to look for another one shortly is one of the biggest changes. I know that it's kind of stupid to say it, but, I don't know it's just nice I suppose. A reliable pay, eventually benefits, good hours, and having weekends back. I suppose that's something different too, not having to fight to get them off.

Now for some things most people will want to skip reading. I always seem to mess these lj-cuts, so, the first one is a dream I had, and, like I said, probably want to skip it.

Read more...Collapse )

And for another, this is just the last bit in my mind. Once again, I would suggest just skipping it, I'm mostly writing it to just get it out of my head so I can think on other things.

Read more...Collapse )

Anyway, seeing as it's 11pm, and I was trying to tell myself I would have an early night, I should really be heading off, as this is a lot later then I have originally planned. When I have the time I should really get back to writing.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

6:49PM - Little update

Figured it's been awhile and I've felt like updating.
So, on the working front, I was previously working at Sobey's, currently I am unemployed. Why did I quit you might ask? Simple, work/life balance, with a strong push I just felt like all I was doing was working and having one, two nights at best to see people.
Without Sobey's though, I'm back to nothing. In a way, I hate myself for re-applying back at the Superstore, but it's the better of two evils.

I took a week off, doing a hell of a lot of nothing. And I do mean nothing during the week. Weekends have been booked up as of late with so many things to do (which is a plus) but the week was nothing. I mean, I slept in, and got to see family, which is what I was missing so I couldn't complain. I just couldn't help but think, "Yeah, I don't have a job, which means I have X amount left over, which means I have... roughly this long I could last, assuming X and Y don't change, which they will." Which, I don't know, everyone just keeps telling not to worry about it, but I can't help thinking. At times I wish I was just stupid in that sense and smart in other ways.

Now, since I'm not doing a very active job, I needed something to keep up with it. So, I decided I'd get a membership at the gym by my house. Found out they're not cheap to join, but I think it will help keep me in some kind of shape, and more importantly, help me keep up a higher level of energy. Wasn't too hot on putting it on my credit, but, such is life I suppose.

Underworld event was a bit of highs and lows. The lows mostly just came from my own choice to stay in the camp like we planned to basically all event. I also didn't fight a whole lot, but, again that was my own choice because I wanted to guard the place where people were getting healed at. That and I'm trying not to fight as much, because, at times, I get into the fight too much, and probably swing too hard. I've slowly started thinking of a secondary, but nothing really solid yet. I'm still not certain on if I'll go to the Halloween event or not. Mostly, because it's staying as Underworld Halloween events always have been, not meant to be balanced. Couple that with the fact that I am major suck at running away, and I could only imagine I'd have a finaled character real quick.

Fantasy Alive was this weekend past. The event was supposed to be before Underworld, but unfortunately the weather had caused the game to not happen. I mean, if it was when it was supposed to be I wouldn't have been able to go, but because it got changed Darcy wasn't able to go. Real sucky either way. I hope that everyone had a fun time, and hope that some people will want to come out for the October event. Unfortunately so far I haven't been hearing a lot of people being excited about it, which is sad because that seems to be the general trend of thinking when it comes to game. I know some of the reasons the game hasn't been doing so great, and I know some of the reasons that it keeps people with it. I just don't know what I want to do at some points. The season is coming to a close, and the plot team needs to be decided on for next year. I don't know though, hope people will want to keep coming out.

In writing news I've been very slowly writing out a LARP system ruleset. The rules I have in mind so far are a mash of SR, UW and FA. When / if I even get close to finishing it, I might as people to crack it out for me. I've also been writing a story I've so far called, "No Name Soldiers" but don't really have a desire to share that one with other people, as I'm not sure it would be interesting at all to other people, and the fact that it's not going to be that happy of a story in general.

I also had a fun time at Chantal and Jordan;s Wedding. The ceremony was outside, which made it really hard to hear at some places, but I suppose you don't really need to hear everything. I didn't know you had to sign the wedding forms right then and there, but I guess that's how you make it all official. The dinner was alright, even if all of us were basically starving and taking away all the appetizers. Think that one of the employees there was trying to pick up Chris, but he didn't go for it. I really enjoyed the food, even if ribs isn't what I would think to be a typical wedding food (but, then again I just assumed any food at them would be as clean and not messy as possible.)
Dancing was fun, especially after Gina was able to drag Cory out there. Why was it fun? Cause dancing can be fun. Does that mean I want to go club it up? Not really, as I could never pick up someone with my 'moves'. Still, I was a bit embarrassed that I knew a lot of the words to some songs, primarily stuff done by S-Club.

Hmm, sadly I don't know what much else to talk about. The family is doing well (even if my brother continues to confuse the hell out of me). I just know I gotta hang out with Jay and do the Marathon, lol I'm sorry I keep being so busy man. Telling you, we lived in the same place and there wouldn't be such a problem :P And Claire could join in to, or live close-by just to make the dream happen.

In some ways it's sad when I feel more alright just writing out things then saying them isn't it? Ah well, that's today's update.

Friday, August 22, 2008

2:18AM - Chapter 4 finally up

Hey there everyone, sorry for taking ever so long to be getting Chapter 4 up. It's shorter then I wanted to to be, but believe that I'll just make the next chapter a lot more action packed.

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I know that mostly Amanda's been asking for this, hopefully I'll be able to sit down and write out Chapter 5 soon.

Rest of my life's going alright. In short, works stressful, but, well, it's still work in the end.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

12:09AM - Busy and bored at the same time

For starters, to get the big rant out of my system right away.
Why, the, hell do I never have a good experience with a Union? Seriously.
Brief background, I have a new job at the Sobey's distribution Center and work as a Material Handler. The jobs really busy all the time, but the pay is nice. The really crappy part about all of this is that my 'weekend' now is Wednesday and Thursday, I'm sure you can see where most of my dilemmas will come from.

So, August 8th, there was a plan to be going to see a concert with Chris, Darcy, Gina and Cory, so I grabbed the needed paper work, filled it out, and handed it in to my supervisor for his approval/denial of the one day Leave of absence. I handed this in on Sunday, and just got it back today that I was denied the day off. Now, in a way, this could have been karma's way to kick me in thew ass "for rationale I put that I had a family obligation, and when asked in person I said I needed to drive my sister to some appointments.. not that far off actually, my dad will be doing that. The reason I didn't get the day off? Well, the day is already fully booked off by other, higher seniority employees booking it off. When I asked if there was nothing I could do to get the day off (even if it meant working both Wednesday and Thursday before the day in question) and got a simple, "Well, if you REALLY need the day off, you could call in sick." To which I replied, "I'm a new hire remember? I won't offically be part of the Union by that point, so, if I called in sick, the company could, if they wanted to, fire me for it." "Oh yeah, I suppose that's true. Well, you know, sometimes it sucks, I had to miss my buddy's wedding because I couldn't get the day off when I started you know."

In all, It's just making me dread if I'll ever be able to get any kind of weekend off what so ever. I mean, if I'm having this kind of trouble getting one unpaid day off, how likely is it that I'll be able to actually get a whole FA event off. It's really bad when I'm already thinking I need to be looking for a new job that's Monday to Friday.

I mean, if it wasn't for that kind of stress/annoyance, the job would be great. It's fast paced, always something to do, I work on my own, and it pays well. Still, with the way I'm feeling already pay day will be the only thing making me happy.

In other news the FA event went fairly well. Saturday, in my opinion was a real piss off with all the bloody rain. I don't mind some rain at LARPs (anything under an hour then passes through is cool with me), but the roughly 15 hours straight of rain we got was just bloody rediculous. Just made me really tired, and the wet just made me feel kind of sick. I know those fights in the rain are wicked epic, but I could have done without it. I know it's far too much to ask for just overcast or for clear weather. Just shows how old I'm getting now, I remember when I started out I loved the rain and got all hyper about it.

Today I also came to a good realization that I'm just a flirt by nature. Most people don't take me seriously about it at all, but I do do it a whole lot. Put in any kind of thought on a relationship though and I get all freaked out. Sometimes I wish I could be really dumb, and not over think just about everything sometimes. Ah well, such is life.

In other news, banged my nose good at work and have started to smell more things recently. It's actually really freaking me out that I might start not liking some foods because of the smell.

Haven't even had time to write, really want to though, but think I might have to push it off for Wednesday.

Thursday night I might be going to Toronto with Alana and her family to Jazz Festival. Finalizing if that's actually going to happen (as I think it was one of those just polite asking if I'd be interested). Guess I'll see.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

10:46PM - Been writing, here's chapter three

As the title suggests, here's chapter three.

textCollapse )

I apologize for bad grammar and bad spelling in advance. I just like to write and not perfect it to see what people think. Comments always appreciated. For those who played/still like to play my Sci-Fi game, yes these are your PCs I'm trying to include.

Monday, June 9, 2008

12:26PM - Forgot to post this for Jason

So, for those who do not have Jay on their LJ (which.. well I can understand on some peoples, as you've never meet), he had posted up his personal list of all his favorite and least favorite games that he had owned for all the systems he has owned. Typically it's between 2-3 per section.

Favorite: Bubble Bubble, Ninja Gaiden II, Ninja Gaiden III, Mike Tyson's Punch Out
Least Favorite: Night Rider, Dragon Rider

Gameboy/Gameboy Colour
Favorite: Pokemon Silver, Mario Golf (surprising I'm sure), Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Least Favorite: Megaman Battle Network 3 (Story was pretty wicked bad. Chips took awhile to get used to.), Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones (The Tower made it so everyone could get to 20/20.... which took away basically any challenge if you choose to use it.)

Favorite: General Chaos, Shining Force, Shining Force II
Least Favorite: Boogerman, Sword of Vermillion

Favorite: Starcraft, Starcraft Brood War, Diablo II
Least Favorite: Magic Carpet (pretty sure that's what it was called anyway), Lords of the Realm (the first, the others worked), Mech Racer (or something like that. It was really terrible.)

Favorite: Star Fox 64, Conker's Bad Fur Day, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
Least Favorite: Star Wars Episode 1 Racer, Army Men Air Combat, Rampage 2

Favorite: Final Fantasy VII, Azure Dreams, Lunar 1 and 2, Star Ocean The Second Story
Least Favorite: WWF War Zone, Fatal Fury Wild Ambition

Playstation 2
Favorite: Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Final Fantasy X, Megaman X Collection, Suikoden III
Least Favorite: Suikoden IV (for the sheer fact that the pace was so slow.), Dance Factory (a wanna-be DDR)

Nintendo DS
Favorite:Contra 4, Pokemon Diamond, Advance Wars Dual Strike (easily has the most hours put into it.)
Least Favorite: Well... those are actually all the DS games I have..

Favorite: Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, Paper Mario
Least Favorite: Again... those are all the games I own.

Favorite: Trauma Center Second Opinion, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, Super Smash Brother Brawl
Least Favorite: Haven't had one I don't enjoy really.

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